In the Media

In the Media

The following are articles, documentaries, and learning media that report on my work throughout the years.



Following a set of three workshops in Lebanon throughout 2016, Autodesk Redshift covered our ongoing operations to preserve Syrian heritage with teams in Damascus and Aleppo. Follow the link to learn what is being done to preserve critically heritage.

National Geographic

As part of their Explorer Series text books, the chapter on cities and landscapes follows me through my work to preserve ancient and endangered cities. There is a corresponding video which can be viewed below.



For this one, hopefully you can read German, or have a chrome browser open for translate. The wired article focuses on my work in Syria protecting their heritage before it can be destroyed by Isis. Click the "Learn More" button for the article or google "The digital “Monuments Men” are fighting the devastation of ISIS" for the Ars Technical article in English.


24h of Sustainability

During Earth Day 2019, Wells Fargo hosted a 24 hour thread on environmental issues and innovative solutions. I was interviewed as part of the inaugural Coastal Science and Policy cohort that focuses on coastal solutions and the threats of climate change. Click the link to see the video.



In partnership with with Oculus and CyArk, I collected and processed data that was turned into virtual reality experience that could help immerse students into the history they were studying. Click the link to watch a video about the initiative.


Open Heritage

Google Arts and Culture has released Open Heritage, a new platform to share 3D data and stories from conservation being done on heritage across the globe. Click here to see the interactive story on my emergency documentation trip to Myanmar following the 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Bagan.